Happy Navratri HD Wallpapers of Durga Devi for Desktop, PC, Mobile Shantanu

Happy Navratri HD Wallpapers of Durga Devi : Navratri is nine day festival celebrated in Gujarat, Maharashtra and Southern State of Karnataka. Navratri word comes from Sanskrit. In these nine nights people worshipped the Goddess Durga in nine different forms of Durga. Navratri means nine nights and it is the period to perform devotional pray to Goddess Durga. In West Bengal Navratri celebrated as Durga puja. First Day of Navratri called as Gathasthapana and is done at particular time. There is history behind the celebrating Navratri. Navratri celebrated in nine days because these nine days there was battle between Goddess Durga and demon Maishasure and at the end Goddesss beheaded Maishasure. In Navratri people dance in front of Goddess Durga called Garba and for Garba dance people use wooden stricks. Navratri 2017 is most popular Indian festival in Gujarat.


Happy Navratri HD Wallpapers

Happy Navratri HD Wallpapers Navratri is worshipped of Goddess Durga and is conducted at particular time at each day. First Day called Gathasthapana. At this day there is a Sthapana of idol and the Kalash with mango leaves and coconut are done. Kanya puja is done at the ninth day of Navratri. Kanya puja is the tradition where nine girls represent nine different forms of Goddess Durga. Here we share some HD wallpapers of Goddess Durga. This wallpapers will you feel the sensation of joy, spirit and happiness.so checkout below wallpapers, and celebrate Navratri.


Happy Navratri Wallpapers of Durga Devi

Navratri Durga Devi Wallpapers Navratri is nine days festival and these nine days divided into sets of three days. On first three days, mother invoked as ‘Durga’ to destroy all defects. The next three days invoked as ‘Lakshmi’ as giver of spiritual wealth and final three days invoked as ‘Saraswati’as doddess of wisdom. Here we share wallpapers to make your Navratri special. So share this wallpapers with your friends and families.
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Happy Navratri Wallpapers for Desktop, PC, Mobile

Happy Navratri 2017 Wallpapers Navratri is Indian festival celebrated all over the India. Navratri honours the three Mahasakti Goddess Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati. It’s a festival of worship and dance called ‘Garba’.This festival culminates with Dussehra, victory of good over evil. On this festival people decorate their Mobile, Desktop screen and for this they all are looking for wallpapers. So, here we are providing beautiful Navratri wallpapers.so just download this wallpapers and share with your friends and families.

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